Rent a Sunseeker Predator in Ibiza

Looking for a ride through Ibiza in a boat with luxury and category? In Barrracuda Ibiza you can find the best options in yacht rentals. One of these is the Sunseeker Predator 72, one of the most popular boats when hiring a yacht in Ibiza.

If you decide to take a cruise around Ibiza and you already have your armed group, renting the Sunseeker Predator is one of the best options to enjoy a comfortable trip but without leaving behind the luxuries. This yacht has features that make it stand out among other options that are striking to navigate.

Description of the boat

Can you imagine sailing through the crystal clear blue waters of Ibiza? It is possible, if you rent the Sunseeker Predator that will allow you to enjoy an authentic unforgettable trip. The benefits of this yacht make it stand out from others, becoming so popular.

His style, as elegant as sporty make it stand out with each perfect finish. If you want a ride with gentleness – despite the water and weather conditions – this yacht has stabilizers that will allow you to feel a peaceful trip.

The length of the Sunseeker Predator 72 yacht has 22.25 meters, while the beam stands out for its 5.34 meters. These are features that make it one of the best yachts to rent in Ibiza.

Accessories and equipment

We can not fail to include all the equipment that makes up this yacht and that make the difference in the trip. With cabins (3 in total) with bathrooms (3 bathrooms for passenger comfort) as well as high-quality televisions, speakers to enjoy the music on the boat and luxurious rooms that will allow you to rest comfortably.

If you want to rent yachts in Ibiza, do not forget to consider the Sunseeker Predator 72 as an ideal option for your trip to this place.

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